How Doe Deere Has Turned Lime Crime into a Global makeup Sensation

Doe deere
Doe Deere is one international celebrity you would not fail to spot in any occasion. Characteristically Ms. Doe Deere is known for her changing hair colors and unmistakable fashion style. The fashion queen is the brainchild behind the popular Lime Crime brand which she grew from a humble beginning using word of mouth referrals and blog reviews. Currently, the humble platform has grown into an international business selling unique and best brand beauty products you can get in the market.

Recently, Doe Deere was a guest at Guest of a Guest where interviewer Samantha Guarnieri sought to find more about her. The following are some few intriguing details that will help you understand this “Queen of the Unicorns” more.

In order to understand somebody better, it is important first to understand his or her background. By asking Doe Deere about her childhood and upbringing, Samantha Guarnieri was giving her readers an opportunity of familiarizing with Deere. Doe Deere was born and brought up in Russia. Upon reaching 17 years old, she moved from her native country to America, New York City where she has lived for a big part of her life.

Were Ms. Doe Deere and ambitious soul growing up? If by being imaginative and an avid dreamer one would pass as an ambitious soul then to a great extent she was. Doe Deere moved to America to pursue her childhood dream of being a musician which is basically what she did immediately she got to New York City.

Despite the fact that Doe Deere was entrepreneurial from a tender age, her life as a musician is one of the things that has greatly shaped her life in business. Through music, concerts, and events Doe Deere learned to appreciate the value of people showing up to support their own. Additionally, it is through her music life that she learned how to brand and market herself and her product a factor that has been very crucial to her success in Lime Crimes.

As if this is not enough, Doe Deere was also able to find love through music. Doe Deere’s husband was also a band songwriter and in charge of branding the music brand. It is through these two roles that the two lovebirds shared in common that they were able to click on the word go allowing them to form a good relation. Currently, Doe’s husband is not only her lover but also a supportive business partner.

Doe Deere advice to budding entrepreneurs ambitious as herself would be to go where they love and find themselves. According to the Lice crime executive, everybody is unique in his or her own special way and when these powers are harnessed a lot can be achieved. Therefore, Doe’s simple advice is to find what you love and do it at your best.

According to Doe, Lime Crime was born from her quest of finding bright colors for makeup. With none in the market at that point, the entrepreneur resorted to creating one and surprising to her was the reception of other users hence helping the business become profitable within a short time. Apart from satisfaction, makeup gives Doe Deere her freedom a fact she hopes other women derive from makeup too.