Doe Deere’s Daring Lime Crime Makeup Line Creates Cult Following

Doe Deere
Makeup queen Doe Deere, also known by her fans as “Queen of Unicorns”, is the stunning face and mind standing behind the cosmetic brand Lime Crime. This is the story of how Lime Crime changed the makeup industry forever and developed a cult following, as well as, a look behind the genius of Deere herself.

Deere was born is Russia, where she remained until the age of seventeen. Dreams of becoming a musician landed Deere in New York City, but the her fate had other plans for her creative abilities. Deere learned a lot from the music industry that has benefited her in her present career. As a musician she developed marketing skills and learning the ropes of being self-employed.

Presently, Deere lives in Los Angeles, which is also the location of Lime Crime. Her and her husband partner together to make Lime Crime a success and excite their customers about their products.

Zoe credits her success to following her heart and being true to her vision. She believes that people will succeed when they do work that they are passionate about. People thrive in their area interest. And actually, you could say that Deere’s love of bright and unusual colors led her to makeup queen she is today. It was in 2008 that during her pursuit of locating the bright colors she fancied that she realized these colors simply weren’t available. Being the true entrepreneur that she is, Deere took it upon herself to bring the desired colors to life.

It turned out that Deere wasn’t the only person craving brighter colors in their cosmetic options. Her brand quickly grew in popularity among consumers. Today, Lime Crime has a massive following on social media and they even have their own blog. The blog includes guest appearances from celebrity makeup artists.

For Deere and her fans makeup is more than coverup. In fact, it isn’t that at all. It is a form of expression, a way for people celebrate their identities, living boldly in color. The bold colors of Lime Crime makeup pair perfectly whimsical fashion and otherworldly hair colors. Deere also has a background in fashion design so its likely that this pairing is no coincidence.

Lime Crime is a makeup line for the bold and beautiful! It was created for consumers to express themselves with and based on its popularity that is exactly what is happening!